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4 Things to Consider in this Year of Saint Joseph

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Building God’s Kingdom from Within is more than just a capital campaign, it is a call to deeper conversion in worship of God in spirit and truth, physically and spiritually relaying that Jesus is indeed, truly present here. This interior renovation and beautification of our sanctuary and church will strengthen our communion with the Lord, and evangelize current and future Catholic generations. The space constructed where our parish family joins together has served us well; now it is time to fulfill our original vision by renewing, elevating and glorifying God in this space, which will serve us to be family in life eternal.
Saint Monica’s Capital Campaign Building God’s Kingdom From Within

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December 2020

As we enter into our celebration of Christmas, Saint Joseph intercedes for us in our on-going conversion to Christ His Son and in our anticipated renovation of the interior of our church.  Yes, we anticipate with joy beginning construction after Easter during this Year of Saint Joseph and completing it by Christmas of 2021.  Our Building Committee—in consultation with architects and contractors—have prayerfully discerned that now is the most cost effective and appropriate time to renovate our church—from the narthex, through the nave, to the sanctuary—to make our church facility more functional, substantially more beautiful, and evocative of greater reverence. 

Joseph’s Patient Humility

Four times Joseph had a plan, and four times God sent an angel to change the vision.  In a large part, because of the disease and devastation of 2020, God has sent his angel to the Building Committee to adjust our vision.  The full possible scope of our original plan would cost $4.5M, and though our pledges amounted to $2.9M, we conservatively are budgeting based on $2.1M redemption.  Fortunately, the original plan gave us room to scale down to the essentials, with the option to add desired artistic and liturgical items and adornments in the future.     

Joseph’s Simplicity

The humbler vision, pared down to the essentials, focuses on our Eucharistic Lord and worshipping God in Spirit and Truth in a more functional and beautiful church facility.  Fittingly, emphasis will be placed upon the sanctuary, but the renovation remains overarching, including both the narthex and the nave also.  Overall features will include four attractive confessionals—two in the narthex, two in the church; a true vestry and sacristy; a quieting room; an upgraded audio/visual system; and a choir loft.  Features in the sanctuary include an Altar of Repose, an Altar Communion Rail, both an Ambo and a Lectern; and an appropriately situated sacristy. 

Joseph the Provider and Worker

Joseph faced challenges in providing an appropriate home for the Christ Child, and so do we.  Construction of the striking facade has become a future project.  Certain liturgical adornments will be purchased with available funds over time—for example, our nave windows will remain the same until stained-glass windows can be afforded later.  In the sanctuary, some older items will remain (for example, the altar, and the statues of Jesus and Mary) until introducing the new elements into that sacred space when funds permit.  The interiors of some non-essential rooms may await future completion.  Of more pressing basic structural concerns are the following decisions:  1) acquiring new pews that are completely paid for or that require a bridge loan; 2) constructing an attractive drywall ceiling or merely replacing the present tiles with new ones; and 3) adding ornamental hanging lights or having only new “can” downlights.  IF OUR REDEMPTION HITS $2.5M RATHER THAN THE CONSERVATIVE PROJECTION OF $2.1, THESE THREE ITEMS SHOULD BE NOT BE A PROBLEM. 

The Poor Shepherds and the Wealthy Magi

Bethlehem—which means “house of bread”—may be found in our tabernacle wherein Christ rests as in a cradle.  Our campaign is inspired by a desire to more fully and fittingly worship and honor the Christ child, and all of us should participate according to our capacity:

1)             All of us can PRAY for the campaign—particularly pray the Capital Campaign Prayer to Saint Joseph each day.

2)            Those of us who have pledged our “gold”—let us FULFILL OUR PLEDGES!

3)             Those of us who have “gold,” but have not pledged—LET US MAKE A PLEDGE!

4)            Those of us who can MAKE YEAR-END TAX-RELATED CONTRIBUTIONS or can INCREASE /EXTEND OUR PLEDGES/REDEMPTIONS—what a gift for the Christ-child!       

Pledge forms are located in the Narthex.

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