Our Deacons

Our Office Staff

Paula McCallum, Director of Finance +1-678-584-9947 ext.114 Email Me
Kevin Conner, Director of High School Youth Ministry & Confirmation Preparation +1-678-584-9947 ext.120 Email Me
Cyndy Furgiuele, Director of 1st Penance & 1st Holy Communion/Liturgy Coordinator +1-678-584-9947 ext.126 Email Me
Patrick Klein, Director of Adult Formation & Christian Initiation +1-678-584-9947 ext.112 Email Me
Karen Lastufka, Executive Assistant to the Priests & Director of Infant Baptism +1-678-584-9947 ext.110 Email Me
Cheri Goehmann, Administrative Assistant/Safe Environment +1-678-584-9947 ext.125 Email Me
Lisa Lyons, Coordinator of High School Youth Ministry & Confirmation Preparation +1-678-584-9947 ext.113 Email Me
Kris Michels, Director of Elementary & Middle School Faith Formation +1-678-584-9947 ext.116 Email Me
Bridget Scott, Director of Sacred Music +1-678-584-9947 ext.130 Email Me
Madeline Murphy, Director Of Communications +1-678-584-9947 ext.121 Email Me
Laurence Pierre, Facilities & Ablaze Coordinator +1-678-584-9947 ext.123 Email Me
Enid Quirk, Receptionist +1-678-584-9947 ext.118 Email Me
Laura Sims, Receptionist +1-678-584-9947 ext.118 Email Me
Ed Vasques, Facilities Manager +1-678-584-9947 ext.135 Email Me
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