Who can be a Pastoral Council Member ?

A person may serve as a Council member if he or she meets the following requirements:

  1. Is an adult 18 years or older (by April 1 of election year), who is a registered member of the Catholic Church of Saint Monica.
  2. Has demonstrated participation in, and support of, the Parish through the giving of time, talent, and treasure.
  3. Conducts him or herself in ways that are supportive of the precepts, teachings, and positions of the Church.
  4. Agrees to be an active participant of the Council, including participating in an orientation session and training sessions, attending Council retreats and monthly meetings, and accepting assignments to further the work of the Council.

What are the Responsibilities?

The Pastoral Council serves as the consultative body that makes recommendations to the Pastor.  The purposes and functions of the council are to support the spiritual growth of its members and enable full participation of the laity in the mission of the Church in the world.  The Council also promotes the spiritual growth of the Parish and plan ways for the Parish to carry out the Church’s mission through participation by Council members in the following four interrelated functions:

  1. Undertake regular times of prayer and study by Councilors, centered on Jesus Christ and teachings of the Church.
  2. Promote ongoing collaboration in developing and renewing a pastoral plan for the ministries and the life of the Parish toward promotion of the full mission of the Church.
  3. Develop, review and recommend pastoral policies.
  4. Communicate regularly with members of the Parish community, the diocesan community, and the universal Church; promote communications with other faith communities and the local civic community.

Who Can Nominate?

Any adult church member may nominate himself, herself, or a fellow church member who is not currently serving on the Pastoral Council.

For any additional information on Pastoral Council contact pastoralcouncil@saintmonicas.com or Ask via Online Form here

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