Staff Members

Saint Monica’s Helping Hands mission is to serve members of our parish family on a temporary basis during times of need or crisis.

Services include:

  • Meals brought to the home for families suffering an illness or death in the family; Moms-to-be on bed rest; Shut-ins from old age or illness.
  • Transportation for the elderly, disabled or needy parishioners, to Mass or appointments when no family member can do it.
  • Small repairs, yard work or clean up in times of crisis such as a temporary disability on the part of the homeowner, or hurricanes, storm damage, and the like.
  • Service for shut-ins or those suffering from illness; Light housework running errands, reading, and visiting, baby care etc.

Helping Hands is a network of volunteers — Men and Women — who are on-call to provide these services on an as-needed basis. We can also help those who need long-term support by putting them in touch with the appropriate community or social service organizations.

For more information contact Maria Smith at

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